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International TEFL Academy Press is a publishing company owned by International TEFL Academy (ITA), the worldwide leader in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad offering accredited TEFL classes in 25 locations worldwide and state-of-the-art online TEFL classes.

In addition to winning GoAbroad.com's People Choice Awards for Best International Education Organization in 2018, ITA was named Best Online TEFL Course and ranked #1 U.S. TEFL Class in 2019. 


International TEFL Academy Press provides the best, most comprehensive textbooks for teaching English abroad and TEFL Certification. 


Our textbooks are designed for training English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instructors. You'll benefit from ITA's textbook if you're an ITA student or if you're an English teacher striving to improve your skillset and understanding of teaching English to EFL students. 

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Highly Qualified & Experienced EFL Instructors


International TEFL Academy Press textbooks were developed by International TEFL Academy instructors, a curriculum development committee, writing committee and had final oversight by an accreditation board.

We chose to involve a wide variety of our staff and professors in the creation of these textbooks to offer viewpoints from many academic disciplines of TEFL & TESOL training along with the practical and cultural experiences of teaching English on every continent worldwide.

Diane Weidner

ITA Online TEFL Instructor

MS in Applied Lingusitics >

Malgorzata Mroz

ITA Online TEFL Instructor

PhD in Applied Lingusitics >

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Teaching English To Young Learners
Teaching Business English
Teaching English Online
Grammar Fundamentals For TEFL

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